Vinyasa Flow Pre-Registration

Vinyasa Flow Pre-Registration

In Sanskritic, vinyasa breaks down to Nyasa, meaning “to place” and vi to “in a special way”. In this class we take a personal journey through synchronized movement and breath as we come to our own place in our special way on our mat. In order bring attention to our vinyasa, class begins by setting an intention for our practice. An intention is suggested by the instructor and encouraged to be interpreted to best suit ones own personal needs, either mental or physical.  In this class we connect breath to movement and body to mind. 

Please arrive 5 minutes early to set up and prepare. Bring a towel and water.

To sign up for this class please send a private message/whatsapp to +507-62655588 before Thursday evening 8 pm. You will receive a message back with a go or no go for the class at that hour. The minimum number of people required for this class is 4.

Maya Pijpker owner and teacher of Casco Yoga Panama. Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama.

Maya holds her 200hr RYS certification and her Mat I and II Pilates certificates. She is also a Reiki Level Two practitioner and offers private Reiki sessions.