Spanish/English Yoga

Learn Spanish/English through Yoga

Learn Spanish/English through Yoga: Casco Yoga is the only yoga studio in Panama City to teach all of its regular classes in English.  Since we are located in Casco Viejo, where there are  so many expats and tourists,  this makes sense.

However, we understand that maybe you would like to learn some Spanish while you are living in or visiting Panama. Or maybe you feel that your English is not good enough to follow a yoga class conducted entirely in English.

We have  found a solution for you! We are now offering group classes in Easy Spanish for Yoga for students who would like to learn or improve their Spanish.   And on the other hand we are offering private classes in English for Yoga for those students who would like to review the typical vocabulary that we use in yoga classes.  (See below for more details.)

Our Yoga for Spanish and Yoga for English classes are a unique offering in Panama City.  Please join us to better your health through yoga AND improve your language skills!

Learn Spanish/English through Yoga at Casco Yoga Panama, Panama City, Panama. With Brenda Lyons. Fluency & Flow

Do you want to learn Spanish or simply improve your Spanish skills?  Are you interested in yoga?  Do you find that when people speak to you Spanish that you often don’t understand them?

If the answers to these questions is “Yes”, then I have good news for you!  There is a path to fluency and flexibility, so that you can improve your Spanish and perfect your yoga at the same time.

In our Fluency and Flow Yoga classes you will have the opportunity to listen to 60 minutes of uninterrupted, comprehensible Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or simply wanting to find a practical way to experience Spanish, learning it through yoga practice will help you absorb the language. While having fun as you learn!

Each 90-minute class begins with 15 minutes of useful vocabulary, making it easy for you to follow the instructions, entirely in Spanish. During the 60-minute yoga practice, you can immerse yourself in the language through movement.  The final 15 minutes is a time for questions, plus the opportunity to use what you have learned by teaching one yoga pose in Spanish to a partner.

First class: $55
Set of 2 classes – $95


In the Fluency and Flow class, Brenda combines her two loves – teaching languages and yoga – to offer you a unique experience in Panama.  Brenda has been teaching Spanish for over 25 years in international schools around the world and is a RYT-200 hour yoga teacher with 16 years of experience.

Did you know that the classes in Casco Yoga are given in English? Do you want to take classes at Casco Yoga, but hesitate because you are not totally confident with your command of English? Casco Yoga understands your concern and would like to help you.

We are now offering a set of two instructional English for Yoga Classes. In these two classes, you will learn the vocabulary and grammar that you need to understand your yoga teacher and fully participate in a class conducted entirely in English.

If you want to improve your English and your health at the same time, English for Yoga Classes is the place to start.

Your teacher, Brenda Lyons has a M.A. in English as a Second Language and has been teaching English to Second Language students for over 20 years. She also is a U.S. certified yoga teacher with over 16 years of experience. Brenda also speaks Spanish and French.

First class: $55
Set of 2 classes – $95

Inglés para Clases de Yoga

¿Sabías que las clases en Casco Yoga se dan en inglés? ¿Quieres tomar clases en Casco Yoga, pero dudas porque no estás totalmente seguro con tu dominio del inglés? Casco Yoga entiende su preocupación y le gustaría ayudarte.

Ahora estamos ofreciendo un conjunto de dos clases de inglés para clases de Yoga. En estas dos clases, aprenderás el vocabulario y la gramática que necesitas para entender a tu profesor de yoga y participar plenamente en una clase dirigida totalmente en inglés.

Si desea mejorar tu inglés y tu salud al mismo tiempo, Inglés para Clases de Yoga es el lugar para comenzar.

La maestra de estas clases, Brenda Lyons tiene un M.A. en Inglés como Segundo Idioma y ha estado enseñando a estudiantes de inglés a segundo idioma por más de 20 años. También es una maestra de yoga certificada por los Estados Unidos con más de 16 años de experiencia.   Brenda también habla español y francés

Una clase: $55
Dos Clases – $95