Birth Doula

Birth Doula

As a birth doula my role is to provide you with evidence-based information and presenting options so that you choose what is right for you and your family.

Together we will partner on ensuring that you feel confident, educated, and genuinely supported, paving the way for an empowered and positive birth experience.

My own birth story and pregnancy ignited my passion for pursuing birth work. Understanding firsthand how pregnancy can be overwhelming, often feeling like a full-time job as you seek information and prepare for the birth ahead. 

Enter a serene birthing atmosphere where I draw upon my decade of teaching yoga and meditation, skillfully holding space and infusing calming energy. My background in massage  further enhances this, ensuring comfort and peace throughout your birthing process.

My professional training through Childbirth International’s Birth Doula program including in-person mentorship with doula in The Netherlands, has fully equipped me to walk this journey with you.

On a daily basis I gather new knowledge and inspiration from insightful podcasts and books. I’m also fortunate to have a network of birth professionals who share my passion for meaningful discussions, and I’m excited to bring their wisdom into our partnership.

Together we will explore and connect to your own body’s wisdom and knowledge of yourself. It would be an honor to join you on this incredible journey toward a positive and empowering birth that’s uniquely yours. Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to warmly welcome you.

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Benefits of having continuous support from a doula (Hodnett, 2013):

  • 31% decrease in the use of synthetic oxytocin
  • 28% decrease in the risk of cesarean surgery
  • 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with their birth experience
  • 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth