COVID-19 question: When will you re-open the studio?

We have created a wonderful online community with people all over the world and will continue offering Live Online classes as well as having a Content Library available for when you can’t make it to a live practice. When we are in Panama City, we’ve moved to the country side, we offer in-person classes at the beach. Stay tuned through our WhatsApp announcement group (message 6265-5588 to get in), the schedule on the website or social media.

What time should I arrive for class?

Please show up to class about 5 minutes early in order to set up. If you run late or forgot to sign up you can still do so a few minutes after class has started. You will promptly receive the zoom link, check where we are with the practice and slowly join. It might be good to take a few cat cow movements or some time in downward facing don to warm up before joining the live practice.

I am new to yoga, can I come to any class?

Most of our classes are appropriate for all levels. However, we do advise avoiding the Detox Yoga classes to start. Please let the teacher know that you are new and they will gladly assist with modifications that best suit your practice. You can highlight one of the students on zoom for a visual image of the practice and our teachers are highly skilled in the art of teaching you by voice only. As with all levels, we encourage you as a beginner to pace yourself and listen your body. In time you’ll build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility.

Do I have to sign up for a class?

To receive the zoom link to join our class you have to sign up. Please see https://www.cascoyogapanama.com/schedule/.

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