Dear yoga community,

Our online experience is created to support you in continuing your consistent practice and being in community, no matter where you are. Connect and interact with us and fellow yogis!

We’ve created a Content Library! You’ll find all classes we offer from the schedule and they’ll be refreshed with new classes so that it’s easy to pick a class. You’ll also find extra content like Yoga Nidra to fall asleep too and special classes from the past. The content library is available for anyone with a Month Unlimited package ($100) or pay $25 for a month access.

Please connect with us about suggestions, questions and feedback.

Sending you love and hugs,

Eddie, Maya, Luz & Light

Online Schedule

How to join our online classes:

  1. Register for a class above & make your own account!
  2. Download the Zoom app ( for free & sign up using your FULL NAME so we know who’s joining in practice 🙏
  3. 20/30 minutes before class you will receive an email with the zoom invite
  4. Make yourself comfortable with your mat, props, candle/diffuser and eye pillow/towel
  5. Class starts on time and we’d love to connect with you before and after 💕

Tips for yoga at home

  1. Set up a space in your home with the least amount of disctractions
  2. Have a big towel, small towel (or eye pillow), block (or book) ready for support during practice
  3. Turn on a candle, small lights, diffuser, anything to create a relaxing studio space
  4. For music you can follow Maya Davis on Spotify
  5. Stay hydrated and eat 2-3 hours before practice or just a little snack if needed
  6. During practice have your phone off or ‘do not disturb’