Online Schedule

Dear yoga community,

Thank you all so much for your amazing support throughout this transition into online classes

We will do everything in our power to give you the same yoga practice experience as we’d do in the physical studio – now online. 

We know everyone is in different financial situation now, some of you have lost your full income like we did, some have had major cut backs and others are in full change of work environment. Our intention is that we can continue to do what we do, hold space in community and practice together. 

Therefore we will ask you to help us by donating for classes, see our bank info below. Our suggestion is a donation on a weekly or monthly basis. If you’re in a situation like us please check in with us as we make this work together.

If you have a membership or package with us already you can also choose to continue that or start one.

There’s a beautiful opportunity here for us to connect and support one another.

Please connect with us about suggestions, questions and feedback.

Sending you love and hugs, 
Eddie, Maya & Light 

How to join our online classes:

  1. Register for a class above & make your own account!
  2. Download the Zoom app ( for free & sign up using your FULL NAME so we know who’s joining in practice 🙏
  3. 20/30 minutes before class you will receive an email with the zoom invite
  4. Make yourself comfortable with your mat, props, candle/diffuser and eye pillow/towel
  5. Class starts on time and we’d love to connect with you before and after 💕

Tips for yoga at home

  1. Set up a space in your home with the least amount of disctractions
  2. Have a big towel, small towel (or eye pillow), block (or book) ready for support during practice
  3. Turn on a candle, small lights, diffuser, anything to create a relaxing studio space
  4. For music you can follow Maya Davis on Spotify
  5. Stay hydrated and eat 2-3 hours before practice or just a little snack if needed
  6. During practice have your phone off or ‘do not disturb’



Studio Arrival

Please show up to class at least 5–15 minutes before class starts in order to sign in and secure a spot. Late arrivals will not be allowed, in order to avoid injury and class disruption.

It’s our priority to honor and respect our student’s time. It’s often a challenge to devote an hour (or more) to ourselves during the day. Therefore, we promptly begin and end our classes on time and we close the door during classes for the comfort and security of our students.

For the 6:30am classes we require a sign up in advance and a minimum of 4 people. Please sign up through the schedule above, we will let you know the evening before 8pm if it’s happening! If you have signed up and class is confirmed you will not be able to cancel. Charge for no shows will apply, according with studio policy.

What to bring:

With movement, comes sweat. Always bring a towel! Towel rental can be provided for $3.

Bring a yoga mat. If you do not have one, we provide quality mat rentals for $2.

Bring water to keep hydrated. We offer Kombucha ($4.50), cold water bottles ($1.50) and cold pressed juices from Happy Verde.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily like leggings or sports shorts. You can change clothes at the studio and we have 2 toilets, and we now also have a shower available! We have towel’s for $2 rent and provide organic shampoo and body wash complimentary.