Mindful Eating Workshop May 18th

Mindful Eating Workshop

Love your food and take charge of your eating habits.

Are you on another diet for the New Year? Did you write “Eat better” or “Lose Weight” on your New Year’s Resolution list again? If so, this workshop might be just the answer for you!

MINDFUL EATING can help you to change the way you eat and experience food. It’s not a diet and you don’t have to give up your favorite foods or count calories. Instead, Mindful Eating develops a new mindset around food.

Recent studies have found that this practice can help you:

– Lose weight and reduce your body mass index (BMI)
– Steer you away from unhealthy food
– Reduce overeating and bingeing

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of Mindful Eating to put you back in touch with the real nutritional needs of your body. You will learn to recognize when you are truly hungry and when you have eaten enough. Mindful practices will teach you to take charge of your eating, to enjoy your food more, and to end habits like automatically reaching for food while checking e-mails, surfing the web, watching TV, or working at your desk.

May 18 – 1:00 to 4:00
Casco Yoga – Casco Viejo
$60 until May 15 – Walk In – $75 (Food Included)

SIGN UP THROUGH: http://bit.ly/mindful-eating-workshop

Bio of Brenda Lyons

Brenda is a licensed instructor for the .b (Dot B) Mindfulness in Schools Project, a facilitator for the Mindful Ambassador program, and a trainer in the signature Google Mindfulness program – Search Inside Yourself. Most recently, she has been leading workshops and 8-week mindfulness sessions in Asia and Central America. As a Mindful Eater herself she can attest to how eating more slowly and mindfully makes everything taste better!

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