Detox Yoga Special Edition

Detox Yoga Special Edition

Detox Yoga Special Edition Sunday October 21st from 10am – 12:15pm with Maya & Eddie. A 75 min vigorous Vinyasa practice followed by 45 min of Yin ((getting into the connective tissue of the body) ) practice and finishing with a delicious 15 min guided meditation by Eddie! Limited spots available!

 The class is designed to make you feel renewed and rejuvenated. Squeeze and sweat out toxins with movement that focuses on breath and deep twists. Letting go both physically and emotionally of things not serving, creating space for creativity and inspiration. In the Yin part we will focus on the liver meridian to cleanse and let energy flow. The meditation will put you in full relaxation responds for ultimate recovery and bliss.

This class is best suited to students with some experience; intermediate to advanced.

Sign up through this link.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to set up and prepare. Bring a towel and water.

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