Yoga For A Healthy Back


Yoga For A Healthy Back March 3rd from 2 – 5 pm. In this technological age of sedentary lifestyles, strenuous jobs, and hunched backs, our posture is often the first to suffer and this often results in back pain. In this informative and practical workshop, you will learn how to TAKE BACK YOUR BACK through posture awareness and alignment, breathing techniques, relaxation, and gentle movements. With these techniques, you will learn how to prevent back pain and improve your overall back health.

This workshop is not only for yoga practitioners at all skill levels, but also anyone currently experiencing lower back pain, anyone concerned about looking down at their devices too much, or anyone who simply wants to maintain a healthy back.

You will learn:

– How to align the natural curves of your back

– Gentle, safe movements to stretch tight hips, hamstrings, and lower back muscles, and to strengthen areas of weakness

– Breathing techniques to relieve the mental and physical symptoms of stress, which often result in tight muscles and back pain

– Movement and breathing methods for strengthening the core of the body

– Mindfulness techniques to enhance your awareness of what your back is saying to you before the pain starts

– A short routine that you can do anywhere, even in your workplace, to stretch and strengthen the lower back

Brenda’s Bio
Brenda is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher who is presently studying for her 800-hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certificate. She combines both Eastern and Western wisdom in this workshop to help people create and maintain a healthy lower back.

DATE AND TIME: March 3rd – 2-5 PM
PLACE: Casco Yoga Panama, Casco Viejo
Investment: $55 early bird OR walk in for $65

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